High Court bans the arrest of Former BJP Minister Sanjay Kumar

The High Court has banned the arrest of former BJP minister Sanjay Kumar, who is stranded on a charge of #METOO put by a woman. Justice N. S. Pradik’s one-week hearing on the matter has asked the government to file a reply in four weeks.
Sanjay Kumar had filed a petition in the High Court to avoid arrest after a case has been filed by the victim. The young woman working in the BJP’s state office had lodged a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment against former Union Minister Sanjay Kumar.
The audio of the alleged conversation with Sanjay and the maiden was also viral. To avoid the arrest, Sanjay filed a petition in the High Court. The Special Judge of Justice, Justice N. Pardak has stayed for the hearing of the case.
In the #METOO case, a case was registered against BJP’s former state minister Sanjay Kumar for allegedly threatening to kill the victim and sexually harassing.
SSP Nivedita Kukarati ordered the city Kotwali police to register the lawsuit on the basis of investigation report from SP Sarita Doval. The victim, along with SP, had given permission to take legal action against the accused.
The victim had sent SSP Nivedita Kukreti a Tahrir on November 10 to register a case against former union minister Sanjay Kumar. The SSP handed over the investigation of the case to SP, Sarita Doval, on November 11. Referring to insecurity, the victim continued to seek security for a long time. After quite a lot of hardship, she came in front of the SP and filed a statement that security could be obtained.

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