Here the former chairman realized the price of a vote, the victory was won by just two votes

Ask the price of one vote from Jagdve Singh, former chairman of Laksar Nagar Panchayat. Jagdev Singh defeated his nearest rival BSP candidate Brahma Singh with two votes in the 2008 election. During this time, everyone had thought of the importance of choosing one vote for one government. Whether it is the government of the town panchayat or the parliament.

These days there has been a buzz on the Lok Sabha elections. All Independent candidates including BJP, Congress, and BSP are also reaching out to people to appeal to voters in their favor. At the same time, people are being called upon for a continuous campaign by the government, so that democracy can be strengthened and only qualified candidates choose and reach Parliament. What is the significance of each vote in a democracy? It was noticed in the 2008 election.

BJP candidate from Laksar Nagar Panchayat Ajay Verma, Sanjeev alias Nitu of Congress, Birsa Singh Brahm Singh and independent candidate Jagdev Singh were the main contenders. On counting of votes, BJP candidate Ajay Verma got out of the election with around 1600 votes and Congress candidate with 1700 votes, but by the evening, the fight between Independent candidate Jagdev Singh and BSP candidate Brahm Singh continued. During this time, either Jagdev Singh or Brahma Singh went forward taking turns.

This led to the suspicion of both the candidates and their supporters as well. In the end, election officials declared victory to the independent candidate Jagdev Singh with just two votes. In this election, Jagdev Singh got three thousand and two votes and Brahm Singh received 3 thousand votes. Vijay candidate Jagdev Singh points out that all voters must use their votes which is enough to choose the government. Read more posts…

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