Helo, and TikTok in danger, BJP complains to Election Commission

In China, protests have been going on for several months with the Chinese app like Helo and Tiktok. So far, the demand for closure of these applications was about obscenity, but now the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has complained about TikTok and Helo in the Indian Election Commission and demanded action on these Chinese apps.

The BJP has written a letter to the Election Commission in this regard. The letter states that ByteDance-owned mobile app Helo is publishing political advertisements against the BJP on Facebook. In a letter, written by BJP’s social media and IT team, the Helo-owned company, ByteDance, has been called the biggest hub of fake news. The BJP’s IT team alleges that Chinese app like helo is advertising ads on Facebook using the name of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

In the letter written by BJP’s social media and IT team Co-Incharge Neelkanth Bakshi, it has been said that strict action should be taken against these companies, as they have violated the Election Commission’s rules to publish political advertisements on social media.

Significantly, Facebook has recently removed 11 thousand political ads posted on Facebook by the Helo app. Facebook has said that with the help of these advertisements, the image of a political party could have been poor, and its impact could have been on the forthcoming election, though Facebook did not say who has given money for these advertisements on Helo’s Facebook page. According to an estimate, about 11.7 million ads were spent on these 11 thousand ads. Read more posts…

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