Helicopter crash while flying from Kedarnath, six passengers including pilot were aboard

The helicopter crashed narrowly while flying from Kedarnath. The rear of the helicopter crashed into the ground, making it uncontrolled. It is a matter of honor that the people in it did not get any kind of injury.

Actually, the helicopter of UT Air Airport was flying from Kedarnath to Guptkashi. Suddenly the helicopter went uncontrolled and its rear end crashed hitting the helipad. At the time when this accident took place, there were six passengers including the pilot in the helicopter. The helicopter riders are all completely safe.

Helicopter crashes have already happened in Kedarnath

This is not the first incident of a helicopter crash in Kedarnath. Three helicopters, including the Air Force’s Mi-17 helicopter, crashed during the 2013 Kedarnath disaster. 23 people lost their lives in these accidents. After the massive disaster in Kedarnath on 16/17 June 2013, on 19 June, the Central Government handed over the responsibility of rescue to the Air Force there. After this, for nine days, the Air Force rescued thousands of people on the hills of Kedarnath Dham.

Meanwhile, the Air Force also suffered losses. On 25 June 2013, the Air Force’s Mi-17 helicopter reached Kedarnath carrying wood to cremate the people killed in the disaster via Gauchar from Guptkashi. Leaving wood at Kedarnath when he was returning back to the helicopter, the weather suddenly got worse. Due to this, the helicopter crashed after hitting the hill near Gaurikund at around two in the afternoon.

The information on this accident was found at 4:30 pm and it took two days to find the crashed helicopter. All 20 people aboard this helicopter lost in a grasp of time. These included five crew-members, including two pilots of the Air Force, nine members of the NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) and six members of the ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police).

Just three days after the accident, a private helicopter also crashed near Garudchatti, 2 km from Kedarnath, on 28 June. Three people, including pilot and co-pilot, were killed in the accident. This helicopter was also engaged in relief and rescue operations. Earlier on June 19, a helicopter crashed in Junglechatti during the rescue. However, no casualties were reported in this accident.

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