Head injured severely for not having a helmet


A bike rider died in a road accident on Karjan Road. The accident happened when the bike rammed into a car coming from the front of the rider and it ran away and went away. Because of not wearing a helmet he suffered a head injury. At the same time, the lawsuit has been filed against the driver of the car.

Thana Dalanwala got the information that a car and bike collided near the municipal square on Karjan Road. The young man riding a bike in the accident has been seriously injured. Police force reached the spot on the information. Till then, the car rider and others took the injured to the hospital, but he died during treatment.

The identity of the young man Abhishek Vishwakarma (23 years old), son of Ranvir Singh Vishwakarma, a resident of Munog, Chakrata. At the same time, inquiries from the witnesses revealed that when a bike rider was hit with a car, he fell apart in a roadside drain. Due to not wearing a helmet, he got a severe injury on his head.

Police have informed the family of the young man. He told that the young man lived in Karanpur with his younger siblings and had a private job in Dehradun. At present, the case has been registered against the driver of the car Harvinder Singh, son of Kulwant Singh on Tahrir.


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