Harish Rawat’s challenge to the Trivendra government, said-scam, then the High Court bench examined it

Former Uttarakhand CM and Congress national general secretary Harish Rawat on Monday challenged the state government to investigate all scams from the High Court bench. He said the government should not mislead by saying it a scandal.

If there is a scam, then there should be an impartial investigation. He was questioned in the case of Marina Floating Boat, considering the country as a boat he said that even Congress had made a country and gave it to the BJP they could not run it.

In an informal conversation with the media after the silent fast program, former CM Harish Rawat said that when he was CM, he was not allowed to make a flyover.

Barely made, now the irregularity is being talked about. Same is the situation of the Marina floating boat, the place where the water was low, not shifting from there shows negligence. Rawat said that the BJP government is not in a position to execute its work, so it is discussing the works done by the Congress.

In response to a question, he said that the words of cleaning the Ganga in the Modi government were a lot, but the work could not be done. In the Lok Sabha elections, the people will calculate the false promises of BJP.

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