Harish Rawat on the social media, ‘Shalya’ to Narendra Modi, ‘Yudhishthar’ to Rahul Gandhi


Congress’s National General Secretary Harish Rawat is unique, even his programs or comments on social media, all draw attention to himself. Former CM Harish Rawat on social media has now mentioned the characters of Mahabharata to target PM Narendra Modi.

He has termed Modi as a surgical surgeon, then he has given his national president Rahul Gandhi a tag of a warrior. Harish Rawat did not stop here. On May 18, while adding the PM’s proposed Kedarnath Yatra to his atonement, he has tried to add fuel to the emerging fire during the Lok Sabha elections. And while commenting on Mani Shankar Ayyar and his party, Harish Rawat has not given up targeting the PM.

Harish Rawat’s attack on social media …
In the body of the Mahabharata’s great surgeon, he had the abode of sacrifice, which was his power. By provoking the angry enemy’s weapon, the sacrifice in the fire used to increase the power of the surgery several times. Shalya was made the last commander of Kaurav. Krishna said that Maharaj Yudhishthar will be able to conduct the surgery and kill him. Why is Yudhishthir going through Arjuna, Bhima, etc? While addressing this doubt, Krishna said that the calm-angry Yudhisthara is capable of killing the enemy. It happened, in the war, the calm Yudhishthir killed the enemy in a few moments. In the democratic World War of 2019, a serious, calm, cheerful Rahul Gandhi, who is performing the surgery, is defeating with the weapon of love. The defeat of the angry and arrogant Narendra Modi in front of the weapon of love is certain.

On May 18th Lord Kedarnath will be visited by Shri Narendra Modi to repent. In the election, the slogans given to the deceased great men and martyrs in the election, malicious and intolerance spread by speeches, falsehood spoken by the Janata Janan, the terrible misuse of power and wealth in elections, for which Shri Narendra Modi Ji is going to Kedarnathto wash his sin. But you have also lied about Kedarnath. You are also the culprit of the Ganga that came out of Lord Kedar’s feet. Today, Ganges is the most dirty. Lord Shankar will not forgive you.

Mani Shankar Aiyar ji has also been suffering from Modi disease. You are a Scholarly person, speak something else and write. The language of slang, arrogance and egotism is the jewelery of Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah ji. We are the loving people of Rahul Gandhi ji. Love, tolerance based democracy Zindabad.


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