Haridwar: Veda and Sanskrit smart class started in Gurukul Kangri University

Gurukul Kangri University has taken another step towards modernization. Smart classes have been started for studying Vedas, Sanskrit, and Philosophy in the university.

Students are also benefiting from the studies being done through projectors instead of blackboards. Actually, along with the big screen, students can also store the material read from the computer associated with it.

According to University Sanskrit Department Head, Prof. Brahmadev, the construction of the smart class has cost about Rs 1.25 lakh. He claimed that the role of the smart class will prove to be very important in making Sanskrit knowledge accessible to the students with ease.

He termed the teaching of ancient subjects with modernity at Gurukul University as a positive initiative for the development of subjects like Vedas, Sanskrit, Astrology, Philosophy. Chairman of Vedas Department Prof. Dinesh Chandra Shastri termed the introduction of ancient subjects in the smart class in Gurukul as a great step for the university and students.

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