Haridwar: PM’s statue blown for remark against Rajiv Gandhi

Commenting on former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Congress office bearers and activists protested by blaming and blowing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effigy. They said that speaking of indecent words about such a virtuous person reflects the disgusting mindset of PM Narendra Modi, the dynasty who has neglected everything in the country’s interest.

The office-bearers and workers of the Metropolitan Congress gathered at the Jhanda Chowk at Kankhal on the directions of the State Congress Committee on Monday. State Vice President Dr. Sanjay Paliwal said that during his tenure, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had realized the power of India without traveling abroad. Expressing the indescribable words about such a virtuous person, reflects the mentality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Metropolitan President Sanjay Aggarwal said that from the beginning, there is poison in the mind of Narendra Modi towards Congress, but after sitting in the chair of the Prime Minister, he should have a great heart. Said, if the PM did not stop the rhetoric against Rajiv Gandhi, Congress would come to the streets and teach the BJP a lesson.

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