Haridwar Kumbh will begin with the sound of 1001 conch shells

The divine and grand event of Haridwar Kumbh to be held next year will begin with the sound of 1001 conch shells. A presentation in this regard was made by the Mela Foundation in a review meeting of the preparations for the Kumbh held at the Secretariat on Monday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. The Chief Minister gave verbal consent and said that work could be done on it. If this initiative is achieved then Haridwar Kumbh will be included in the Guinness Book of World Records in this matter. So far, there is a record of 303 conchs starting a program together. It was also suggested that Kalash Yatra should be carried out across the country before Kumbh. Decisions are yet to be taken in both these cases.

On behalf of the Kumbh Mela Foundation, Meladhikari Deepak Rawat gave a comprehensive presentation in the review meeting. In this, the work related to organizing the Kumbh Mela was explained in detail. The presentation suggested the commencement of Mahakumbh from the sound of 1001 conchs and the first Kailash Yatra across the country, as well as events like Vidyarthi Kumbh, Sanskriti Kumbh. According to the magistrate, the Chief Minister gave verbal consent and said that these points can be acted upon. A decision will be taken after all the preparations are completed.

Departmental Secretary will be responsible

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said in the meeting that departmental secretaries will be responsible for completing the works of Kumbh Mela. Negligence will not be tolerated in the functions of departments with technical proficiency. After Kumbh, there should be no complaint about the functions and arrangements, it will be the responsibility of the heads of the departments. He asked to provide proposals for temporary construction works within three days.

15-day review

The Chief Minister directed that the Kumbh’s works be reviewed every 15 days at the Chief Secretary level. The Technical Committee will provide its report to the Chief Secretary. He directed to allow Kumbh works to be done in a double shift, construction of roads and bridges on National Highway in three shifts.

Third-party audit
The Chief Minister said that departmental officers should work under the terms and conditions laid down in the mandates. Its disregard will not be tolerated. Along with conducting a third-party audit of the construction works, the technical quality of the works will be thoroughly investigated.

Pay attention to color culture as well

The Chief Minister emphasized to pay attention to color culture in the Kumbh event. He said that cooperation with voluntary organizations should be taken under CSR in the construction of bathing ghats and parks. He directed that permanent construction work should be completed by November. Cabinet Minister Madan Kaushik, Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh and other officials were present in the meeting.

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