Haridwar Kumbh of 2021 will be on the theme of Green Kumbh

Haridwar Kumbh

The Kumbh Mela Foundation is preparing extensively to make Haridwar Kumbh-2021 grand, magnificent, memorable and unique. In particular, this time Haridwar Kumbh will be organized on the theme of ‘Green Kumbh’. There will be a special focus on the purity of the Ganges and protecting the environment. Under this, there is a plan to use electrical energy to a minimum (almost zero) and maximum use of solar energy. For the first time in the history of Kumbh, Kumbh Mela auspicious event will be organized on the theme of Green Kumbh. During this time preparations are on for a large scale eco-friendly fireworks and laser show. Along with this, the entire Harki Pauri area and main Kumbh Nagar will be illuminated with solar power based LED lights.

To make the Kumbh Mela site and the canal track beautiful, thousands of ‘heritage poles’ will also be solar-based. There is a plan to ban all diesel-petrol vehicles hereby declaring the entire fair area as green. Only batteries and solar-powered vehicles will be allowed to run in the fair area. For this, it is planned to run large-scale solar energy-charged rickshaws, tempo and buses. It is also planned to decorate the entire fair area with attractive colors to give it a grand look. Solar energy will be used in this too. As the evening progresses, buildings in the Kumbh Mela area will start glowing with laser lights of various colors powered by solar energy.

Effective presentation to reduce expenses

Kumbh Mela officer Deepak Rawat says that plans are also being made to significantly reduce the spending limit for ‘Green Kumbh’. The Fair Establishment is almost done with its preparation. Now an effective presentation is being prepared for its approval from the government level.

Preparations to make the fair area fragrant

There is also a special preparation of the Kumbh Mela Foundation to maintain a 24-hour fragrant atmosphere in the entire Kumbh Mela area. The Mela Adhishthan is campaigning in the entire Kumbh Mela area to plant such fragrant flower plants, which spread the fragrance day and night.

Ganga water will be completely pollution-free from January

According to the recent report of the Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board, the quality of Ganga water from Gomukh to Rishikesh is of the best category. Yes, there is a problem from Rishikesh to Haridwar. Fecal coliform (feces) has been found at some places in some samples of Ganges water in Haridwar. However, now the situation has improved with the taping of dirty drains falling in the Ganges and the preparation of some STPs (sewerage treatment plants) in both cities.

This problem will be completely resolved by January. Because by then STPs under construction under Namami Gange will also be ready. Additional Secretary and Program Director Namami Gange Udayraj Singh state that the taping of all drains under Namami Gange has been completed. In such a situation, sewer and dirty sewers coming out of these cities will not fall into the Ganges.


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