Haridwar: Bypassing the rules, a coaching center running in a commercial complex on a pile of ammunition

Special Guests

The death of more than 15 students, after the fire in the coaching center running in a complex in Surat city of Gujarat, has caught the attention of the business complexes bypassing rules in the city and the surrounding areas. Most of the coaching centers are being operated in these complexes and there is no necessary arrangement for fire escape. Many complexes have been built in such areas that fire vehicles will not be accessible there. The fire brigade officials did not take action against these complex owners till the fire exit was not arranged.

There are about 25 major coaching centers in the city and the surrounding areas. In these coaching centers, hundreds of children are taught together. They are operating coaching centers in all complexes. Chandracharya Chowk is the most commercial complex in the Ranipur area. Apart from this, complexes have also remained in many other parts of the city. During the complex construction, their owners sidelined the standards and the responsible headquarters were also silent.

The most overlooked fire happened due to its security arrangements. Whereas fire protection is necessary for the construction of any large building. The coaching center operators also did not make any arrangements. Only one person can come from the stairs in the complexes at a time. The special thing is that in addition to the coaching centers in these complexes, the offices of the insurance company are also open. These offices are crowded all day long.

The encroachment of Complex
The complexes have been completely tarnished by the encroachment. Shoppers have taken their own shop several feet under or have already narrowed their way keeping their things. In such a situation, the common man has to undergo a lot of trouble.

Fire Department keeps reviewing fire safety management from time to time. The campaign was also run during the recently concluded firefighting safety week. We are taking cognizance of the incident in Gujarat. Action will be taken according to the instructions given by the higher authorities. Read more posts…
– Rajendra Khati, CFO Haridwar


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