Haridwar: 250 empty bottles of alcohol found in Ganga Ghat


Activists of Mother Ganges, Jagriti Seva Dal launched a cleaning campaign on Ganga Ghats. During the campaign, a large number of weed pouches and 250 empty bottles of liquor were found in Ganga Ghat.

Workers of the mother Ganga Jagatri Seva Dal recovered 250 empty bottles of liquor and 300 weed pouches near the Rodi Belvala Ghat during the cleaning operation. During this time some people were caught on the spot drinking liquor sitting near the Ghat.

In this operation, workers were beaten up by the alcoholics, in which the worker Kamal Sharma was injured. However, after this, the drunken young man was abandoned. Team President Ajay Joshi and patron Anuja Walia said that selling of intoxicants in front of the Ganga ghats is a shameful act.

Even before the administration, an appeal was made to ban the intoxicants, but no action was taken even after getting the assurance. The campaign included Anuj Anthwal, Raju Kashyap, Amit Kashyap, Ajay Modi, Kamal Sharma, Ankit Prajapati, Amit Multaniya, Ankush, Prashant, Veeru Solanki, Rahul Kashyap, Arun Saini, Shalu, Radhika, Saurabh, Rohit, Kokan, Ashok Navani, Soni Kumar, Arjun Singh, Abhishek Rajput, etc. were included.


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