Guest teachers issue in Uttarakhand, studies affected

Guest teachers

Due to the vacant number of LT and spokesperson posts in the state, students are facing problems in government secondary schools. The government has neither been able to appoint guest teachers nor has been able to execute alternative arrangements.

The state government hopes that next week the Chief Justice’s bench will pass a judgment on the guest teachers after the end of the ongoing hearing in the Supreme Court regarding the Raj Janmabhoomi. The government has pulled back after trying to transfer the said case to another bench of the Supreme Court. The issue of guest teachers has become a sore throat to the government, due to the decision in this matter, due to the vacancy of more than four thousand posts of LT and spokesperson, students in government secondary schools are also suffering as it is causing a problem in studies.

This issue, which has been entangled since last year, could not reach its end. Weak lobbying at the department level is also considered as a major reason for this. Due to the constraints in the deployment of guest teachers, the government considered the appointment of temporary teachers on the lines of Kendriya Vidyalayas through walk-in interviews, but this was not finalized. More than half of the current academic session has passed, but the schools have not been able to get teachers.

1949 spokespersons who have been promoted from the State Public Service Commission have not been able to get a posting till now due to impediments in a promotion. At the same time, the appointment of newly appointed spokespersons from the State Public Service Commission is also in hindrance. Actually, the case of guest teachers is pending in the Supreme Court bench of the Chief Justice. The Chief Secretary’s bench is hearing the Ram temple issue continuously every week. Due to this, the above issue has been postponed. Now hearing of Ram temple issue is likely to be completed by next week. The guest teachers can then be judged.

The government had earlier considered transferring the issue of guest teachers to another bench of the Supreme Court but has now been dropped. Actually, the matter will be heard again in case the issue of Chief Justice is given to the new bench. It is bound to take time again. At the same time, the hearing of the Chief Secretary’s bench case has almost completed. Education Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram said that the expectation of a decision regarding guest teachers by this month has increased.


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