GTC committee will come to check preparations for 38th National Games on February 11

GTC Committee

37th national game can be hosted if better preparation
37th National Sports Chhattisgarh and in 38th Uttarakhand is proposed

The GTC Committee (Games Technical and Coordination Committee) has been constituted by the Indian Olympic Association to take stock of the preparations for the proposed 38th NatiUttarakhand. onal Games in This committee will come to Dehradun on February 11 to take stock of the preparations and will also hold a meeting with the state officials.

This meeting will decide whether Chhattisgarh or Uttarakhand will host the National Games in 2021. In this regard, Sports Secretary Brijesh Sant says that we are very confident about the preparations for the Games in the state that in 2021 the National Games will be held in Uttarakhand.

A letter has been sent on behalf of Rajiv Mehta of the Indian Olympic Association to Brijesh Kumar Sant, Sports Secretary, Uttarakhand. In this letter, along with the formation of the GTC committee, there is also a mention of the visit of the committee to take stock of the preparations related to organizing the Games in Uttarakhand. The committee consists of Sudhanshu Mittal, Omkar Singh, Rajiv Bhatia, DK Singh and Irene Koshi.

The 36th National Games are scheduled to be held in Goa in November, while the 37th National Games are proposed in Chhattisgarh and 38th Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand government does not want to put any effort into organizing the national games. This time the government is hopeful that Uttarakhand will get the hosting of the National Games before Chhattisgarh due to better preparations.

The Sports Secretary is also very keen on the preparations that in 2021 the National Games will be held in Uttarakhand. However, it will be decided on the basis of the report of the Indian Olympic Association GTC Committee.

Here, sources are quoted to have said that the top officials associated with the sports department in Dehradun held a meeting with the van managers at the National Sports Secretariat in Raipur on Monday and discussed the preparations. However, no one is ready to say anything about the discussion in this meeting.


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