Government office open to the public after three months

Government offices

On March 17, the District Magistrate issued orders to close all offices (except essential service) in view of Corona’s transition. Hence, all the offices in the district were closed since March 18. Government offices were opened from May 4, but public entry continued to be banned.

Now exactly three months later, all the offices have been lost to the public since Thursday. By issuing an order in this regard, District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Shrivastava has ordered the offices to follow the Central Government’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). As per the order, all the offices have completed preparations for the movement of people. Especially personnel and attendants will inevitably wear masks and follow the laws of physical distance.

With the opening of the office, now three days a week (Monday, Thursday and Saturday) the District Magistrate will also listen to the complaint of the public. For this, the time has been fixed from 11 AM to 1 PM. However, in view of the risk of corona infection and to maintain physical distance, a maximum of 25 people will be allowed during this period. For this also a day before, people have to first get permission on collectorate number 013522389. On the day that the District Magistrate is not available, the Additional District Magistrate (Administration) and Additional District Magistrate (Finance and Revenue) will hear the complaint of the public.

Rules laid down for the public

Additional District Magistrate, Sub Divisional Officer and Tehsil Office: People have been appealed to come to the office only when it is absolutely necessary. Circles have been made to create distance between people for the works of Tehsil. The public is requested to register a complaint online or over the phone as far as possible. People have already been coming to the Sub Divisional Officer’s office to make passes, so the circles are already built here.

MDDA: Thermal screening has been arranged. Also, only one person will be able to meet an officer/employee at a time. Everyone is required to wear a mask in the office.
District Supply Office: A limited number of admissions will be available. People should come to the office only to solve the work which is not being done at the level of government ration shops.
Bank: The system will continue as before. Sanitization is being done.
Railways: As before, people will arrive at the railway station 90 minutes before the train time. A limited number of people will be sent in.
RTO Office: License work is still closed. People can come to the office if they are very important for various complaints.
Municipal Corporation: As before, people are being allowed entry.
Revenue Court: All courts will remain closed for now. Similarly, e-Seva centers will also be closed to the public.

Passport office also open to public

Passport Seva Kendras in Dehradun has also been opened to the public as per the guidelines of the Ministry of External Affairs. However, passport centers of regional passport offices and post offices will remain closed for now. Regional passport officer Rishi Angara told that permission is to be issued to 180 people daily, but only 40-50 people are booking. However, on normal days this number remains between four and five hundred. So, people are avoiding going out on their own. People who are coming here to get passports are being admitted as per the rules.


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