Government is neglecting the state’s largest hospital

Doon Hospital is definitely among the major hospitals of the state, but the government has turned its back on it. Not only the plain but also from the mountain, patients come here for treatment, but the government is feeling lethargic on their hopes. The first example of this is a CT scan machine. The machine has stalled for the last seven months and the patients are undergoing tests from outside. The second is the lack of staff in the hospital. In this regard, the Hospital administration has also sent a proposal to the government but even after several requests from them, no action is being taken on it.

Patients come to Doon Hospital for treatment not only from the city but also from the mountain and border areas of Uttar Pradesh-Himachal Pradesh. The OPD of the hospital remains up to one and a half thousand every day. Doctors also prescribe various tests to these patients. But the patient’s money is wasted in the name of check-ups.

CT scan patients have to be treated from outside. The hospital’s CT scan machine has been stalled for the past seven months. The Doon Medical College administration has completed the process of purchasing a new machine at its level, but the file of approval has been stuck in the government for quite some time. It is being told that at the government level, CT scan PPP mode is under consideration. Due to which the matter is stuck. However, whatever the reason, patients have to bear the brunt of it.

Private centers are charging double the rate

A CT scan of the head at Doon Hospital costs Rs 1418, while a full-body CT scan is for Rs 2126. The screening of BPL patients is free. At the same time, a CT scan of the head is done in a private center for Rs. 2500 and the whole body for Rs. 5000-6000. In such a situation, patients are spending a lot of money due to not being examined in the hospital. The biggest problem is with BPL patients. Those who have to spend money on the tests.

Paramedical staff shortage

When the Doon Hospital and Doon Women’s Hospital were integrated and converted into a medical college, it seemed that the facilities would increase, but the patients were facing problems due to some reason. One of the reasons is the lack of paramedical staff.

Talking about standards, the staff is not even half of the requirement. This is causing difficulties at many levels. Take the example of conducting 24-hour pathology. The plan was made several times but has not landed on the ground. The reason is that the lab technicians required for this are not with the hospital. For this reason, the culture test has also been hampered.

Patients will get relief soon

According to Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Principal of Doon Medical College, a decision will be made soon regarding the CT scan. It is expected that patients will get relief within the next few months. The permanent appointment of staff is to be done, which will take time.

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