Google map will help to know 673 dangerous turns in Uttarakhand mountains by Meri Yatra app

'Meri Yatra' app

‘Meri Yatra’ app will alert with a beep before 400 meters, the app will launch on January 31
673 dangerous turns of 13 districts of the state will be uploaded on Google map

The ‘Meri Yatra’ app will now be a safety net for travelers on dangerous mountain turns in Uttarakhand. The app connected to Google, within 400 meters will warn against further danger through beep. This app is set to launch on 31 January.

The Traffic Directorate and the SDRF (Disaster Response Force) have prepared the ‘Meri Yatra’ app in view of the increasing accidents in the mountain areas. The app will be directly connected to Google, which will have information about 673 blind turns in 13 districts of the state.

The Directorate of Traffic believes that people coming from other parts of the country to Char Dham or other tourist places do not have knowledge of the sharp turn of the mountains. When the vehicle is at high speed, there is a possibility of accidents on these dangerous turns.

How many accident potential spots in which district

Number of district accident potential sites
Dehradun 83
Uttarkashi 28
Tehri 61
Pauri 50
Chamoli 63
Rudraprayag 27
Haridwar 37
Nainital 54
Udham Singh Nagar 56
Almora 68
Pithoragarh 55
Champawat 24
Bageshwar 67

Cause of danger on turns
Narrow road, sharp turn, and one-way moat
U-turn bend
Deep ditch
A bad and narrow road
Sharp double twist
Debris on the road
Curved and blind bend
Falling stones from the hill
Bumpy road
Sliding zone
Steep hill and sharp turn

The intention behind the preparation of ‘Meri Yatra’ mobile app is to reduce the risks of accidents with tourists coming from all over the country. The app will be directly connected to Google. Google will alert the driver about dangerous turns through a beep about 400 meters in advance. About 673 accident-prone spots are being uploaded on Google. The app will come into existence after 31 January.
-Keval Khurana, Deputy Inspector General of Police Traffic


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