Good news: Pensioners will be able to submit certificates of survival from anywhere in the country


Government will provide online verification facility from all public service centers
Biometric device will also provide a facility for verification at home

About one and a half lakh pensioners of Uttarakhand Government will soon be able to submit online life certificates from anywhere in the country. They will get this facility through the civil service center (CSC). Apart from this, the government will also provide them the facility of verification through biometric devices. Soon both these facilities will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister.

State government pensioners and family pensioners have to submit their proof of survival to the respective treasury every year. Pensioners used to face problems in the old system. But later the government facilitated both offline and online options to alleviate the problems of elderly pensioners. At present, pensioners visit 19 treasuries, 70 treasuries of the state and give certificates of their survival.

They can also get online verification through Jan Seva Kendras without coming to the treasury. This facility is within the state. The Treasury Directorate is now going to expand this facility further. Under the new system, the pensioner will also have the facility to send the living certificate online from outside the state through the public service center.

Big relief from change
That is, he will be able to submit a living certificate from any place in the country through the Jan Seva Kendra. Apart from this, the government is also going to validate biometric devices for live certificates. That is, the pensioner will be able to submit the certificate of survival through the device sitting at his fixed time.

The changes in the last few years have brought great relief to the pensioners of the state government. Under the old system, they had to come to the treasuries to get the verification done on the same date. Due to this, there was a crowd in the treasuries.

Sick and elderly pensioners had a lot of trouble. The government made a new arrangement that in the month in which the pensioner retired, verification can be done on any day of the same month. After this, the facility of verification is given.

The facility of verification of survival of pensioner through any public service center and biometric device in the country will be started soon. This will save and facilitate pensioners and family pensioners. They will be able to get their verification done on time even when they are outside their district or state.
– Arunendra Singh Chauhan, Additional Secretary Finance


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