Good news: Newborn in government hospitals will now have free vaccination of Rotavirus

free vaccination

Rotavirus vaccine will be applied for free in government hospitals of Uttarakhand. In this regard, the Director of National Health Mission, Dr. Anjali Nautiyal, issued the instructions on Thursday. So far this vaccination was done in private hospitals for diarrhea prevention. In return, 1500 to 2000 rupees are collected from parents. The director reviewed the vaccination campaign. On which she instructed to increase it further by expressing satisfaction.

Dr. Anjali Nautiyal, after reviewing the vaccination campaign of all the 13 districts, said that the expected improvement in vaccination has increased. Within a year, regular vaccination of 17,624 children was monitored in the state. This is 92 percent level. It can be said to be satisfactory.

While in the last year vaccination of 10247 children was monitored. It was only found 83 percent. Dr. Nautiyal said that efforts are being made to make this level 100 percent. He directed the District Officers in this regard that no child was left unvaccinated. None of the newborns should be exempt from any vaccine within 24 hours of birth.

A vaccination card is required at the time of admission
Director Dr. Anjali Nautiyal said that on January 4, 2019, notification for admission in schools was issued by Nitesh Kumar Jha, secretary of the medical. After that, it has been mandatory for the school to deposit his immunity card at the time of admission.

He directed the officials that the vaccination rooms of hospitals should be developed and developed in the interest of children’s entertainment. So, the upcoming children and mothers should be excited. Also, the cells should be cleaned more than ever before.


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