Good news: Home guards will now get salary equal to the police constable, this will be increased

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Special things
The minimum monthly honorarium can be Rs 18,000
The home department will bring a proposal in the cabinet meeting soon

The Finance Department has given its consent to pay the minimum salary of 6500 home guards posted in Uttarakhand as police constables. They can be given a minimum honorarium of Rs 18 thousand per month.

After the concurrence of the officials of the Department of Finance, Home and Justice in a meeting held at the level of Chief Secretary, it is now ready to bring the proposal in the state cabinet meeting. The minimum honorarium order will come into force from 25 April 2017. That is, the state government will also pay arrears to home guards.

The Supreme Court had ordered the minimum pay of home guards to be equal to that of police constables. The honorarium of home guards has been increased in several states of the country including the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh, Himachal. This proposal is being seriously considered in the Uttarakhand government.

Due to financial difficulties, the state government has started assessing the honorarium increase and the expenditure on payment of arrears. According to sources connected with the finance department, the expenditure of 150 crores is coming only on paying arrears. Apart from this, monthly expenditure is estimated at around 150 million.

Home and Finance Department officials have already met to assess the expenditure. According to Secretary Finance Amit Singh Negi, the Finance Department has given its consent to the proposal. After the acceptance of the Finance Department, a meeting has also been held at the level of Chief Secretary.

Now the Home Department has to prepare the proposal and bring it to the cabinet. It is believed that the proposal will be prepared soon by the Home Department and brought to the cabinet meeting. On the other hand, the Home Guards are desperately waiting for the court’s decision to be implemented.

At present, he is getting an honorarium of Rs 450 per day. Accordingly, a payment of Rs 13500 per month is being made in lieu of working on every working day, which is likely to be Rs 18,000 after the government decides.


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