GIS data will now speed development in Uttarakhand


Data management will be strengthened to streamline the planning process for rapid and sustainable development in the state. The government has decided to use Geographical Information System (GIS) based data for testing, monitoring and transparency in the functioning of development work on the ground. This data will be uploaded on the Jio portal. Planning Secretary Amit Negi has instructed all departments to complete the data upload and data analysis by 31 March 2020.

Now GIS-based planning and monitoring processes will be conducted in the state. For this, the Jio portal has been prepared by the Planning Department in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Central Government, Uttarakhand Science and Technology Council (U-Coast) of the State Government. Along with this, district level officers are being trained for GIS data collection and utility in all districts on behalf of U-Coast and NRDMS Kumaon University Almora campus. Workshops have also been held at the state level to inform the heads of departments and their nodal officers as well.

Now the planning department has insisted on providing data at the same level for interdepartmental use of GIS data and policy planning. In view of this, all the departments have been asked to make data integration available in the Jio portal. The planning secretary has issued instructions in this regard to all the Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Secretaries and Secretaries in-charge. The order said that the responsibility of GIS data management in the state lies with the Uttarakhand Space Application Center (USAC). USAC will act as the nodal department for all technical works related to Jio Portal.

NRDMS, GIS Research, Advice to State Government and District level workshops and training works at Kumaon University Almora campus. In this case, planning will be the nodal department for coordination between departments for policy planning.

These are the major instructions for effective operation and monitoring of Jio Portal
-All Head of Department will nominate a Deputy Director or Joint Director level officer at the state level for GIS functions.
-Uniformity in data collection in districts will send the format of the planning department to district-level officials
-All the departmental heads, District Magistrates and Chief Development Officers will do data collection in mission mode
-GIS Cell in-charge of the Districts, Economics and Statistics Officer will make available the CDO departmental data to USAC and NRDMS in three days.
-USAC Director will upload the received data on Jio portal in the next three days


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