GB Pant Department of Agriculture and Technology University changed, to be appointed for five years

GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology

Various department heads of Pandit GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology have been changed. The in-charge appointed to these posts will remain until the new appointment. These orders have been issued by the Additional Chief Personnel Officer. The post of Head of Department is posted for five years.

Dr. Mangla Rai, Vice-Chancellor of Pant University, had appointed for five years at various departmental posts. On 19 June, when the term of all the heads of the department ends, the senior-most teacher of the department has been appointed in-charge. These posts will remain in charge till a new appointment. Additional Chief Personnel Officer AK Pandey has released the list of in-charge for the posts of head of the department on Saturday. Among them, Pramila Sharma, the head doctor in charge of Family Resource Management at Home Science College has been made. Similarly, Dr. SN Tiwari, Department of Entomology, Dr. GK Dwivedi, Department of Soil Sciences, Dr. ML Sharma, Agro Economy, Dr. DC Dimri, Garden, Dr. JP Singh, Vegetable Science, Dr. SK Sharma, Food Science and Technology, Dr. Abhishek Kumar Soil Water Conservation, Dr. H.L. Mandoria as Information Technology, Dr. Lokesh Varshney as Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Rajesh P. Singh as Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Dr. PS Mehar in-charge of Civil Engineering Department.

Apart from this, Dr. Vandana A Kumar to Biochemistry, Dr. Vivekananda to Chemistry, Dr. RK Srivastava to Environmental Science, Dr. Manoj Kumar to Mathematics, Static and Computer Science, Dr. Preeti Chaturvedi to Biology, Dr. Avadhesh Kumar to Aquaculture, Dr. Amit Saxena to Fisheries Resource, Dr. AK Upadhyay of Management, Fish Harvest and Process Technology, Dr. Hema Tiwari has been made the Head of Department in-charge of Aquatic Environment Management. Teachers will remain in-charge till a new appointment on these posts. According to sources, a permanent appointment for five years will be done on these posts soon. Currently, the teachers who have been put in charge are the senior-most teachers after the head of the department.


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