Gazetted officers under scholarship scandal accusation

The sword of action is hanging on the gazetted officers who verify the scholarship distribution in the scholarship scam.
In the private institutions, the negligence carried out in the verification of the scandal makes their role suspicious. In the investigation of the SIT, the layers of the scholarship scam started to open.
The foundation for many lawsuits has been kept, now only waiting for the final stamp. If there is legal information, then the first haul verification in the scholarship scam will fall on those who verified. After this, the decision for the second officers will be given.
The responsibility of ensuring verification of scholarship in private educational institutions is directly on the District Social Welfare Department. The government gave the right of verification to the gazetted officer with the intention of transparency.
Central Government and 30 percent of the state government provides 70 percent of the scholarship to students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
Several years before the scholarship scandal, and scholarship distributed in government institutions from the government level were verified by the gazetted officers but no frauds found. The surprising facts of the SIT investigation are coming out. From this, the fears of the big scandal are expected.
Retired DG Ram Singh Meena said that any irregularities done in the distribution of scholarship will be cleared only after the investigation, but there is definitely a system of verification or supervision in the distribution of scholarship. If there is negligence in this arrangement, the related accountability will be decided.
“The SIT probe of the scholarship scam got momentum. Soon the results will be revealed. Action will be brought against the culprits on the basis of the facts in the examination of scholarship documents”, said Ashok Kumar, Director General of Police Laws.
“Refunding the amount in the case of fraud does not alter the charge, but in the new amendment in the law, section 420 of the Indian Penal Code has been made compromised. This is not possible in the scholarship scam, because the government is connected directly to it. In such a situation, the question of filing the pledge by withdrawing money from the accused does not arise. This amendment is valid on the people who are personally hunted”, said RS Raghav, Senior Advocate.

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