Gas agencies cannot refuse to give cylinders on cash payments

Gas agencies

In the name of transition, the digital payment is a joke due to Corona transition, cash option also opened
Two days ago, gas agencies announced not to give cylinders on cash payment

Gas agencies cannot refuse a cylinder to a cash-paying customer. Oil companies have not discontinued the cash option. Oil companies have asked agencies to encourage consumers to make more online and digital payments in view of Corona’s transition.

In such a situation, agencies cannot refuse to take cash payments. Along with the Center, the state government has also moved towards digitization. The aim of the government is that more people should adopt the digital formula. Digital or online payment is also being emphasized to prevent this corona epidemic.

Two days ago, the agencies had said that the cash payers should not receive gas and only those who paid online were given cylinders. After which the protest started. Consumers also got angry with gas agency employees.

Now oil companies have also clarified that the cash payment option has not been discontinued. Therefore, agencies cannot refuse to give cylinders to consumers paying cash.

IOC’s Area Sales Manager Sudhir Kashyap said that online payment is being emphasized so that the corona infection does not spread. Therefore, gas agencies have been asked to motivate people to make more digital and online payments.

Thousands of people are not aware of digital payment

Along with Ujjwala connection holders, there are thousands of gas consumers who are not aware of the digital system. Among them, there are many who are either less educated or illiterate. Therefore, they are unable to use these mediums. In such a situation, they are unable to make digital payments. Therefore, it is not possible to fully implement online payment.


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