Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital succeeds in corona era examination

Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital

The campaign to reduce the pressure of Doon Women’s Hospital was finally successful. Right at the corona era itself, Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital has not only been tested as a maternity care center, but the doctors and staff of the hospital have also been successful in this examination. Now there are about 10 to 12 deliveries every day in the hospital. In the first fortnight of May, more than one hundred and fifty deliveries have taken place in the hospital.

In fact, Doon Women’s Hospital has the highest pressure on delivery. Doon Hospital was converted into COVID Hospital amidst increasing cases of Corona. Cases of normal delivery started being referred to Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital. Only those pregnant women, who are either from the containment zone or suspected corona, are being admitted to Doon Women’s Hospital.

The government machinery had been working to reduce pressure on Doon Women’s Hospital for a long time. Under this, necessary facilities were being mobilized in other health units. In this sequence, Gandhi Shatabdi is being developed as the Maternity Care Center. Till January-February, there were two to a quarter to two hundred deliveries per month in the hospital, whereas after March its graph suddenly increased.

There are now around 300 deliveries per month in the hospital. Gyno’s OPD certainly fell in the midst of the Corona crisis, but it has now regained momentum. The Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. B.C. Ramola, says that all the doctors and staff are doing their work with full devotion.


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