Four tourists from Delhi, who were stuck in Lokhandi area


SDRF rescued after 10 days

On the 10th day, the team of SDRF, tourists from Delhi, who were stuck for the last nine days due to snowfall in Lokhandi, Chakrata were rescued by the SDRF on Tuesday. With this, the administration has also taken the breath of relief along with the tourists.
Delhi’s four tourists, Sayyid Afzaz and Qadri, both resident of Malviya Nagar, Delhi, Joel Shalon resident of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Adaritya, Aditya Singh, residents of Rohini, Delhi, came to Chakrata to roam nine days earlier. They were staying in a hotel located in Lokhandi. At the same time, due to heavy snowfall, the main road was closed due to which four tourists were stuck there. The restaurant where the tourists were staying was on the verge of ending food and drink. Read more posts…


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