Four died and five injured in a horrific accident in Mussoorie

Tourists from Muradabad to Mussoorie became a victim of a horrific accident. Four people have died and five are injured in the accident. Four people have died in the accident, which includes two women, one male, and a child.

A painful accident took place in Mussoorie this morning, where a Swift Dzire car going towards Kempty fall fell into the gulf. This accident happened near Biragaon.

Sohan Panwar, a dock operator on the road, told that the car was very speedy. In addition, the driver could not cut the turning point and the car fell into the trench. A police team arrived at the spot on the information and did rescue work.

People present in the car were Asad, son of Rehan, age 10 years old, Anas, son of Rehan, age 5 years, Ahisha, wife of Rehan age 28 years, Rehan, son of Musharraf, age 35 years, Arsh, son of Arshad, age 10 years, Ahad, son of Arshad, age 4 years old, Alija, daughter of Arshad, age 3 years old, Yasmeen, wife of Arshad, age 30 years old and Arshad was 35 years old (all resident of Moradabad).

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