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Chief Minister lays foundation stone for nine projects worth Rs 575.18 crore
Chief Minister announces ICCC to be named Doon forever

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on Sunday at the IRDT Auditorium at Survey Chowk, Dehradun Smart City Pvt. Ltd. laid the foundation stone of nine projects worth Rs. 575.18 crore. He announced that the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC), being built on Sahastradhara Road, will always be named Doon.

The Chief Minister said that Doon will always begin on December 25 on Good Governance Day. Through this, traffic management, intelligent traffic management system solution, variable message sign board, environment sensor, city wifi, city surveillance, and smart parking, etc. will be monitored.

He said that the dangling wires on the roads will be under-ground through a multi-utility duct. This work will start soon. The Chief Minister said that solar energy work has started on government buildings. Its work in the Chief Minister’s House in the Secretariat has been completed. We will soon move to green energy. It will also be promoted in smart cities.

He said that Uttarakhand has become the first state in the country to introduce virtual classes in schools. 150 secondary schools have been linked to it. In the next 15-20 days, 350 schools will be added. There is a plan to connect 1200 secondary schools in the state. The Chief Minister said that the project was approved in 2010-11, but could not progress further. It was decided after the matter came to cognizance. The Chief Minister said that soon the government will move forward in the mission of a clean and healthy India.

Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik said that at present only 10 wards are included in the smart city. The entire Dehradun will become a smart city in the coming days. Garbage will not be seen on the roads due to the establishment of Waste to Energy plant in Roorkee. At the same time, work is being done on ropeway instead of the metro. Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama said that people will also face some problems to make the city smart, but after that, the appearance of the city will change. The Doonites themselves know this and are fully supporting the Smart City project.

Attendees in the program

MLA Harbans Kapoor, Dharampur MLA Vinod Chamoli, Sahaspur MLA Sahdev Pundir, Rajpur MLA Khajandas, MLA Munna Singh Chauhan, Secretary Urban Development Arvind Singh Hayanki, Commissioner Garhwal Ravinath Raman, Dehradun Smart City Pvt. Ltd. CEO Ashish Kumar Srivastava, General Manager BC Binwal, MDDA Secretary GC Gunvant, Anoop Nautiyal of Gati Foundation, Councilor Ajay Singhal, etc.

Know about nine projects worth 575.18 crore
1. Smart Green Building: A green building will be built in the workshop of Roadways on Haridwar Road for 204.46 crores. The building will be constructed in accordance with the architectural style of the state. State symbols will also be displayed as well. In this building, the district officer, chief development officer, and other district-level important offices will be shifted in the future. Common people will benefit from having all government offices in one place. This building will be maximum energy saving. The building will also have other facilities including a state-of-the-art canteen, dispensary, crutch.

2. Smart Road, Multi Utility Duct, Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage: A budget of Rs 190.54 has been kept for this. 1.5 km of Haridwar Road, 2.9 km of EC Road, 1.8 km of Rajpur Road and 1.8 km of Chakrata Road will be improved under Smart Road. Under this, trees and plants will also be planted. Also, a multi-utility duct will be built, through which power lines, drains and drainage will be made underground. Sensor LED lights, etc. will also be installed. Also, work will be done on water supply, sewerage, and drainage.

3. Smart Water Management: Through water SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), in which area of ​​the city how much water is being supplied, leakage, etc. will be given. Electronic sensors will be installed on water tanks, pipelines, and filter plants. All will connect to a computer in the control room. Through this, the government will save more than 80 crores in 10 years. The scheme will cost Rs 56.63 crore.

4. Water supply augmentation and smart water metering: This project will cost 32.59 crores rupees. Under this, the 50-year-old line in the ADB area is to be replaced, which is in a dilapidated state. So that the quality and distribution of drinking water will improve. At the same time, smart water meters will be installed in 6492 connections connecting 10 percent apart from the existing 5901 for the purpose of using water consumption wisely.

5. Sewerage Line Project: Under this, their connectivity to the main sewer network and sewer treatment plant is planned. The 13760-meter line to be laid. It will cost 28.41 crore. Contractor shall maintain for five years.

6. Rejuvenation of Parade Ground: Parade Ground is to be rejuvenated with Rs. 20.85 crores. As part of beautification, there is a plan to connect Parade Ground and Gandhi Park. At the same time, the road from Lansdowne Chowk to Ahsley hall Chowk will be closed. A VIP stage will be built in the northern part of the parade ground. Also, a bicycle track will be built in it. There will be benches and stand posts for people to sit on both sides. Apart from this, shops will be built in a part of the grounds under the Fasad scheme.

7. Stormwater drainage: The stormwater drainage of the main roads of the ADB area is to be connected to the Rispana and Bindal rivers and main drains. So that the main roads can get rid of the water logging problem. 16.27 crore will be spent on this scheme.

8. Paltan Bazar Hiking: 476 m of Paltan Bazar road will also be rebuilt for 13.10 crore. At the same time, electrical and telephone lines will be shifted by creating a multi-utility duct. The entry of two and four-wheelers into Paltan Bazar will be restricted from seven to 10 in the morning. Apart from this, golfcart will be run for the disabled, elderly, etc.

9. Doon Library: The library built in 2006 near Parade Ground is not state-of-the-art. Which will be converted into a digital library under the smart city from 12.33 crore. A smart punching card will also be arranged here. At the same time, reading will be arranged for 500 readers.

GIC swamped for most plastic deposits
The Chief Minister also honored Khudbuda, the Government Inter College, which had deposited 38 kg of single-use plastic in a plastic withdrawal campaign. Apart from this, the children of primary school Dilaram Bazar, who finished second with 29 kg and Girls Education House Junior High School Anand Chowk, who deposited 23 kg plastic, were also honored.

These students who have accumulated the most plastic are honored

First- Saloni (10) Sanatak Dharma Kanya Inter College Raja Road, 9476 Pieces
Second- Rosie (10) Government Girls Inter College Rajpur Road, 4250 Pieces
Third- Neha (12) CNI Girls Inter College, 4247 Pieces

CM only gave clean colony award to vihar colony

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, Dehradun Smart City Ltd. Awarded the Vihar Colony located on Sahastradhara Road, which got the first place in the cleanest colony competition. The award committee was headed by RS Negi, Secretary VP Kukreti, Sunil Gupta, Dr. Manoj Aggarwal, etc. In the competition, 30 colonies of the city applied online.

At the same time, the Chief Minister was also given the award for second place CSIR IIP Mohammadpur and third place Siddharth Paradise Apartment Panditwadi. In addition, five colonies were also awarded consolation prizes. Which includes CCQ an Estate Residential Colony, Pearls Paradise Residents Welfare Association, Pushpanjali Upscale Living Welfare Society, Sainik Colony, and Malsi Development Forum. Councilor Sanjeev Malhotra, Dr. Mahesh Bhandari, etc. were also honored during this period.

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