Forest fire triggered massive devastation, fire in 107 places in a single day in Uttarakhand, millions of losses


There is a continuation of the devastation of forests in the state due to the forest fire. According to the data of the Forest Disaster Management Department, after the devastation in Kumaon in the last several days, forest fire has now caught hold of the Garhwal area. According to the statistics, in the twenty-four hours from Monday morning, fire in forests in 107 places across the state, all have been devastated.

In the Garhwal division alone, 79 firefighters suffered heavy losses. While the situation has been largely controlled in Kumaon and in the last twenty-four hours, there were 20 incidents of fire in the area. Apart from this, there were incidents of fire in eight places of the state and also in wildlife sanctuaries.

A little relief from the rain in Kumaon
Rains in the hilly areas of the Kumaon region gave some relief. A day before there was a devastating fire in the area. Six wildlife have died in 46 incidents that have happened so far. According to officials of the Forest Disaster Management Department, the fire has now damaged 1044.035 hectares of forest. While the forest department has suffered a loss of Rs 17,13,411 so far. On the other hand, officers and employees associated with forest disaster management have given full strength to control the forest fire.

On the orders of the top officials, the officials of the forest department are patrolling day and night in sensitive areas in the light of the fire. Making sure that there should not be any incidents of a forest fire, for which information about what to do, whether or not people living around the forests are being provided are taken account of. The villagers are appealing that if the information about the fire is detected then it should be given to the officers and employees of the forest department so that they can be controlled in time.

Leaving the forest on fire, the official left for foreign tour
The forests of the state are being destroyed by fire. On the other hand, six officers of the forest department, including the Chief Forest Guard, have left for London and Poland on a foreign trip. On behalf of the government, these officers were allowed to go abroad. Chief Forest Guard Jayraj has entrusted his work to main wildlife preservationist Ranjana Kala in writing.

According to forest department sources, all the officers visiting abroad will participate in the Ju Design Conference organized by the Indian Institute of Wildlife and Zoological Society of London. Also, they will attend the seminar organized in Poland, where they all study in all aspects related to the protection of tigers in India and Nepal.

Officials will be on foreign trips between May 13 to May 26
According to forest department sources, the veterans who visited the London and Poland trip were the chief forest guard, Jayraj besides Kumaon’s chief forest conservator Dr. Vivek Pandey, forest guard of the western region Dr. Parag Madhukar Dhokate, divisional forest officer Nitish Mani Tripathi, Dr. Dushyant Sharma, senior veterinary doctor of the Jim Carbet Tiger Reserve, and Dr. Himanshu Pangte, veterinary doctor at Nainital Zoo, are present.

According to sources, these officers will be on foreign trips between May 13 and 26. It is noteworthy that there is a fire in the forests of the state. The question arises that the officers who have the responsibility of protecting the forests, leaving the burning forests, how did they go abroad? Why were these aspects not been considered when allowing officials to go abroad? In this regard, efforts were made to know the Chief Secretary Forest Anandvardhan and Chief Forest Guard Jayraj, but they could not be contacted.

1044.035-hectare forest into ashes
So far 1044.035 hectares of forest has been taken down in the fire. Six wildlife have died in the incidents. The six forest workers have been injured due to scorching fire while overcoming the fire. There have been 46 incidents in wildlife habitations. There are questions arising from the visits of all the top officials and veterinary officers abroad.


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