Forest Department: The 10ft long snake caught after a lot of trouble, the crowd watched the show

Forest Department rescue team caught a 10 feet long snake from the Patelnagar area and left it in the jungle. According to the witnesses, a 10 feet long snake was found in a house in Patel Nagar. As soon as the snake was found, the crowd gathered on the spot. People lost their senses seeing the snake. In the meantime, someone informed the officers of the forest department about the snake.

As soon as the information was received, Ravi Joshi and Nitin Chhetri of the rescue team reached the spot and after a lot of struggle, they caught the snake and left in the jungle. After that people breathed in relief. Rescue team expert Ravi Joshi told that if the weather is changing now then the incidence of snakes will increase in the coming time. Such people, especially those living around the forests, have to be cautious. Expert Ravi Joshi, on the other hand, says that most of the snakes are not poisonous except for snakes like the cobra. In such a situation, if snake bites, do not panic, take the patient immediately to the doctor.

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