For the first time in Uttarakhand, 12 new courses for farmers and researchers

Uttarakhand Ayurveda University is going to start 12 new courses for farmers to young researchers. The work plan for these courses has been prepared. Starting this year, they are being started. These will be stamped in the academic council meeting soon.

Ayurveda University is currently running only courses such as BAMS, BUMS, BHMS. Now it has prepared 12 new courses beginning from 2019-20. They have also targeted the creation of jobs by finding the hidden herbs in the state. Therefore, it has been decided that the farmers will be having short-term courses for two months.

In these courses, they will be explained the process of identifying the herbs only in their area and preparing it for the market. How these herbs can earn lakhs every year, it has also been focused.

Apart from this, the PhD in Ayurveda is being started from this year. In order to eliminate the diseases spreading in the state from the hidden knowledge of Ayurveda in the herb region, PhD is being started with the aim of ending the disease. For this, the application process will be started soon.

It will be sealed in the academic council meeting
Ayurveda University’s new 12 courses have to be stamped in the academic council meeting. A meeting of Academic Council is being called for this soon. After that, the admission process will be started.

Wherever farmers are, the university will reach them
For the first time, wherever the farmers are going to be in the state, the team of Ayurveda University will reach them. By reaching the most remote areas of the state, farmers will be taught short term courses of herbs.

We have designed 12 new courses. These courses have been prepared according to the needs of the state. Our objective is to find ways to increase the income of the farmers and motivate the youth towards research in this direction. All new courses will start from this year.

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