Following the lines of the Indore model, the ‘mountain’ of garbage will be removed in Dehradun, this technique will be used


The mountain of garbage in the trenching ground located at Sahastradhara Road will be removed following the lines of the Indore model. Indore had disposed of the wastes collected for nearly 40 years through a bio-remediation system. In the same way, more than 10 lakh metric tons of garbage will be disposed of in the Trenching Ground.

Indore is the first city in the country, which has cleaned the years old garbage lying on the trenching ground through bio-remediation. The mountains of the past 40 years of garbage have disappeared there.

While the work of making the trenching ground clean and beautiful continues. The cleanliness survey in Indore got this benefit. Due to the cleaning of the Trenching Ground, it secured first place in the survey. Talking about the trenching ground at Sahastradhara road, it was being filled with garbage since 2002.

Due to the launch of the Solid Waste Management Plant located in Sheeshmabara in January-2018, accumulation of garbage was stopped from December -2017. But, till then the mountains of more than 10 lakh metric tons of garbage were raised. Now the Chief Minister and the Mayor want to evolve and develop it as a tourist destination. This will also increase corporate earnings.

The corporation had sought applications for the disposal of garbage and park construction in 2017. The company Hyderabad Integrated MSW Pvt. Ltd had proposed this. But, the matter was pending in the administration due to lack of action. Now the work has started again in this direction.

The settlement will be done in such a way with bio-remediation
The litter present in the Bio-Remediation system is processed. For this, one to two trommels are applied. By which RDF (Refuge Dry Fuel) and compost are separated from the litter. The remainder is capped in a scientific way through the process of HDPE liner, geosynthetic clay liner, etc.

Compost and RDF will be deducted after removing the waste through the biomass remediation method which will yield compost and RDF (Refuge Dry Fuel). The corporation’s earnings will be through this. Where the compost can be used in the fields, due to being flammable, the RDF can be used in the Waste-to-Energy Plant, built at Solid Waste Management Plant located at Sheeshmabara.

The manner in which the Indore has been disposed of for 40 years of garbage collection is being appreciated. We will adopt the model for the disposal of the garbage collected in the trenching ground located at Sahastradhara Road. For this, the team will be sent there, which will make it easy to follow.
-Sunil Udyal Gamma, Mayor


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