Flights of Jammu-Amritsar on stay from Dehradun JollyGrant Airport into certain activities

After the Air Strike on PoK, there has been a tension on the Indo-Pak border. After which the flights of Jammu and Amritsar running from Dehradun Jollygrant Airport have now been canceled.

SSP Nivedita Kukreti says that only Indigo flights on the airport are closed. Jet Airways has its own reason due to which the flights is closed. The SSP has talked with airport management. Management has denied the shutdown of the runway and the sealing of the airport. General activities are going on at the airport. Only connecting flights related to Jammu-Amritsar are closed. Because the airport is closed there.

Police and intelligence agencies on alert
Security of the centers of Jollygrant Airport, all central defense and national importance have been increased in Dehradun. IG Garhwal Ajay Rautela said that the police of all the districts have been instructed to remain alert. Police and intelligence agencies are also on alert.

Police patrol has been increased in residential areas around Jollygrant Airport, Indian Military Academy. Police surveillance has been increased on all defense and central institutions including Instruments Research and Development Establishment, Defense Electronic Application Laboratory and Ordnance Factory.

SSP Nivedita says that instructions have been given to repair the picketing system. Intra-checking is being done by barricading on entry-exit point. Simultaneously, all other central defense and national importance institutions, including the IMA, have been referred to the security forces. The police is in touch with various agencies. Every information is being shared with intelligence agencies.

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