Coronavirus Lockdown: Five from Mussoorie and eight from Nainital joined and returned from Nizamuddin Markaz

Nizamuddin Markaz

Five people from Mussoorie and eight from Nainital were involved in the Nizamuddin Markaz. There has been an atmosphere of chaos in the country after the people involved in Tablighi Jamaat in Markaz have been tested positive for Corona. So far, 26 people from Uttarakhand have been involved in Nizamuddin Markaz.

Intelligence investigation has revealed another shocking fact that around 280 people from the state were involved in the Jamaat. These people have been reported from Dehradun, Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar, Pauri, Tehri, and Uttarkashi.

Seven Jamaatis have been sent to the Quarantine Center in Ranikhet. According to information received, these seven people went to Pilibhit to attend the Jamaat in February, but the day before Nizamuddin they were in contact with four people who returned from the Jamaat. They have been quarantined as a precaution.

Eight people involved in the Jamaat found in Nainital

The government of the Mussoorie is involved in administration because people of Mussoorie are involved in the market. At the same time, eight people of the Jamaat were found in Nainital. They were admitted to the hospital late on Tuesday by the police. Their names are included in the list released on 31 March and their contact history is also available.

These people were seen in Malli Tal, and the police were informed about this by the locals. Late-night the team of doctors along with the police administration reached the spot and took Jamati along with his family members.

From Uttarkashi this year, a total of nine people went to the Jamaats in other states and countries.

A total of nine people from Uttarkashi district went to the Jamaats in other states and countries this year. Three of these people are currently quarantined in Delhi, while six are in Una Himachal Pradesh.

Every year a lot of people from the Muslim community visit these Jamaats which are held for the purpose of promotion of their religion. This year, three people from the Mori area visited Malaysia for a Jamaat and after returning from there, they attended a conference held in Delhi. According to police sources, these three have been quarantined in Delhi.

Six people from the Mori area who visited Jamaat in Una, Himachal Pradesh, have not returned. Due to this no risk has been detected in this district from the infection being carried from the procession that was held in Delhi.


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