First airplane restaurant to open in Uttarakhand

Residents do not need to go elsewhere to enjoy eating in airplane restaurants. Because now the first airplane restaurant of the state is going to open from September 6 in Mohammadpur, Dehradun. In this people can enjoy lunch, dinner as well as experience of sitting in an airplane with their entire family. The restaurant can seat 75 people at a time. An open-air restaurant built on one wing of the ship can seat 12 people. The airplane restaurant is 1023 feet long.

It is worth mentioning that the restaurant will be inaugurated by Doon Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama and the restaurant will be opened for the people from the evening. The entry fee in the restaurant is Rs 250 which will be added to the customer’s bill. The owner of Ship Restaurant purchased from Bangalore, SK Rastogi, said that he had spoken to his son and his friend to open a restaurant in Doon after retiring from the bank.

We wanted to do something different. So, after much research, we planned to open an airplane restaurant. For which we bought a ship that has completed service during the auction in Bangalore. This was divided into three parts and brought to Doon.

Difficulty in getting the map passed from MDDA

SK Rastogi said that he had a lot of problems in getting the map passed from MDDA. Because in Doon there is a provision to pass the map of houses and buildings, but not of ships. In such a situation a special board meeting was held which helped to pass the map of the ship restaurant.

Restaurant rests on six-iron pillars

Restaurant partner, Vishad Sharma said that it was very difficult to stand up after bringing the ship’s parts, so five engineers from Bangalore parked it on six pillars. Let the restaurant have AC and furniture installed in the airplane. He told that he would also open a Rail restaurant very soon in which the restaurant is made in Rail Buggy.

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