Finance employee himself had robbed lakhs of people in the company, put chili himself in his own eyes

Special things
One of the accused, a minor, was arrested from Deoband in Saharanpur
Finance employee had made a plan to repay the loan with colleagues

In Herbertpur, Dehradun, the robbery of two lakh rupees from Sabir, a finance employee, was disclosed in a few hours. The plunder was hatched by Sabir himself and his two other associates were involved in it. The police arrested Sabir and his two accomplices and recovered the entire cash. One of the accused is a minor.

Senior Superintendent of Police Arun Mohan Joshi informed the media in this regard on Thursday. He said that Naveen Sharma, the regional manager of the Infro Micro Credit Cooperative Society based in Herbertpur, had informed the police that the bike riding miscreants had looted two lakh rupees by throwing dust in the eyes of the company’s agent Sabir Ali, resident of Qutub Majra Badgaon.

Sabir had gone out of the office to pay cash to four women of Aduwala and Dharmawala. The SSP said that four teams were formed under the direction of Superintendent of Police, Rural, Parminder Doval to investigate the case.

Secrets revealed by CCTV footage
According to the SSP, the CCTV footage showed two young men riding bikes. Investigation revealed that the miscreants were from the Qutub Majra area of ​​Saharanpur district. Aamir and the other minor accused involved in the robbery were arrested late in the night.

The amount of the robbery and the bike were recovered on their spot. After questioning them, the police interrogated the finance employee, Sabir. Sabir did not delay in extracting the truth.

The SSP said that Sabir says that he had made a plan to loot the cash of the finance company with his associates to repay the debt. SP Dehat Parminder Doval, CO Patelnagar Anuj Kumar, CO Nehru Colony Pallavi Tyagi was present during this period.

To justify the robbery incident, Sabir put chili on his eyes not once but twice. CO Anuj Kumar said that during interrogation, Sabir could not tell from where the idea of ​​red chili came from.

It was at the behest of Sabir that Aamir bought 10 pieces of red chili from the village. Chilli was thrown on his face once at the scene, which fell on the road. At the behest of Sabir, chili was thrown again for the second time. They reached the village directly after taking the money from Sabir.

Plunder was planned twenty days ago
SSP Arun Mohan Joshi told that Sabir, a finance company employee, had planned the robbery twenty days ago. On Sunday, he went to Qutub Majra, where Aamir and others were lured by 50-50 thousand rupees and prepared for loot. Although Aamir said that he was not ready for it but due to peer pressure he joined it. He was talking about getting trapped from one day, but no one listened to him.

Police team award
The SSP included SP Dehat Parminder Doval, CO Anuj, Vikasnagar Inspector Pradeep Bisht, SSI Girish Negi, Sahaspur SO PD Bhatt, Kalsi SO Manmohan Negi, Herbertpur Outpost Incharge Satendra Bhandari, Constable Pravendra Kumar, Neeraj Kumar, Aneesh, Ajit Singh, Has announced to reward Manoj and Jeetendra.

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