Exodus of students from NIT followed by a Political blame game

Around 900 students of the prestigious institute, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar, left the campus in protest against the Government’s callousness regarding their demand of a permanent campus on Tuesday.

Before leaving the campus, the students sent emails to the President, Prime Minister, Union human resource development (HRD) Minister, Governor and Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. In these e-mails, the students said that they were leaving the campus under distress and would not return until they were provided with a transit campus at a place which ensures their safety, medical help, corporate exposure and accessibility to technological advances as per the standards. On the other hand, an alarmed administration of the college has written to the parents of the students, informing them of the consequences of the step taken by their wards.

The two girl students hit by a speeding car on the National Highway on their way to the lab from hostel had ignited the fire of anger on the students on Oct 3. One of them is battling for her life at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Rishikesh. The students have been demanding shift of the campus to a safer location in the plains till the full-fledged facility is set up in Srinagar.

Set up in 2010 in Srinagar nestled in the Garhwal hills, NIT has been functioning from a temporary campus. The administrative block and the labs are located in the old ITI campus while the students go to the Polytechnique college campus for classes. The NIT administration has rented a hotel to house the students.

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