Exercise to impose COVID tax on vehicles coming from outside in Dehradun


Preparations are being made to collect COVID tax from vehicles entering Dehradun Municipal Corporation Dehradun. In the executive meeting of the corporation on Thursday, this tax was suggested in the matters related to increasing income. Apart from this, the proposal to set up a biomedical waste plant in Dehradun was also approved.

Many other suggestions and proposals were made at the meeting. The executive meeting was held in the presence of Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama and Municipal Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey. In this meeting, discussions were held to increase the income of the municipal corporation. The most important discussion in this was the entry tax on vehicles in Dehradun. It can be levied as eco-tax in Mussoorie. All councilors and members also agreed to it from Muktakanth.

Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama and Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey said that legal opinions were being taken in this regard. Not only this, it can be imposed or not, all this is also being discussed with legal experts. Only then will the proposal be sent to the government.

Construction of the biomedical waste plant

The Municipal Corporation is now going to set up a plant for disposal of biomedical waste. A proposal for this was made at the board meeting in January last. This has now been stamped in the meeting of the Executive. Currently, according to a report, medical waste of 97 major hospitals in the district is being dumped on the road itself. Of these, 45 hospitals are in urban areas.

Apart from this, there are dozens of nursing homes and clinics, which are dumping their garbage in municipal dustbins. To avoid this, a proposal is being made to set up a bio-medical waste treatment plant at the board meeting on behalf of the corporation.

Just rubbish

Presently, the bio-medical waste of some hospitals in the city goes to the plant located in West Roorkee. It is being told that the plant was built in Roorkee in the year 2003 and its NOC was for 12 years till 2015. Even after this, the garbage is being dumped right there.

A proposal will be made to the district administration to make a quarantine center in schools

Now the municipal corporation is also preparing to quarantine the patients of COVID-19 in schools built into wards. For this, permission will be sought by sending the proposal to the District Magistrate on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. The proposal was passed in the corporation executive headed by Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama. According to the mayor, it came to the notice that people with small houses are worried about keeping the corona suspect patient in the house. In such a situation, efforts are now being made to implement this system.

Gucchu will take water income corporation

The corporation will now collect income from Gucchu Pani Picnic Spot. Here the parking fee to entry fee was with the District Panchayat. Since it is now in the Municipal Corporation area, it has also been considered important for increasing income.

Five wards and employees will be provided through Swachhta Samitis in the new wards that have joined the Municipal Corporation. The Municipal Corporation is now preparing to collect cleaning fees from tenants as well. Till now, many tenants were also giving garbage under the guise of a landlord. Now the tenants will be identified and they will also be charged waste.

It was also suggested in the executive meeting that the corporation should get some share from the registry and excise. For this also, the proposal has been passed which will be sent to the government. In the last financial year, the defaulters will be given a 20 percent exemption in depositing tax. The house tax section has been closed since March 15 on behalf of the municipal corporation. Now, this limit has been extended from June 1 to June 15.

It has been decided to build a bio-medical waste plant in the city. People of the city are also wearing masks due to Corona. People are throwing masks in the municipal dustbin. While Mask arrives at Biomedical Waste. In such a situation, it has become difficult to dispose of masks in large numbers.

It was also decided to build a bus stand in the new wards. As of now, bus stops remain for passengers to sit in the old wards of the city. The Executive Committee of the Municipal Corporation has passed a proposal to install street lights in the Arcadia area.


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