Exclusive: Road, bridgework done, now chief engineer will be responsible

Chief Engineer

SE and Chief Engineer will be responsible for the quality of work for the first time
Proposal for work and responsibilities of AE to ENC ready, orders to be issued soon

The process of reforms has started on a large scale in the Public Works Department, which is known for the scams. For the first time after the formation of Uttarakhand state, the technical responsibility of big officers is also being fixed for the construction of roads, bridges, and buildings. Now if there is any defect in the work, then not only the small but the big engineers will also measure. The government has received a proposal from the PWD headquarters. New guidelines may be issued soon in this regard.

The mandate of the time of Uttar Pradesh government is in force regarding the quality of work in the state. According to this mandate, if any construction work does not meet the standards, then there is a system of recovery from the work contractor, junior engineer, assistant engineer, and XEN.

The percentage of recovery is also fixed according to accountability. The highest responsibility is fixed by the junior engineer. The same thing is knocking the Uttarakhand Diploma Engineers Association and it has put pressure on the department to set the accountability afresh. The state general secretary of the union, SS Chauhan, says, “If all officers are accountable from top to bottom for any task, then the work will be monitored continuously and no one will dare to play with its quality.”

SCS reviewed the proposal
However, the departmental headquarters has sent a proposal to the government. Under the proposal, accountability has been fixed not only on the quality of work but also on the tender of work.

That is, what will be the functions and responsibilities of ENC, Superintendent Engineer, Chief Engineer and Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer, now it will be recorded in the documents of the department. According to their rules, every senior officer will have to discharge his duties.

Additional Chief Secretary Loniv Om Prakash held a meeting on Tuesday to review the proposal. In the meeting, he asked the officials of the government to finalize the proposal. The approval of the Chief Minister will be taken on the proposal and after that guidelines will be issued.

For the first time, the work and responsibilities of AE to Engineer-in-Chief are going to be determined. Its proposal has been sent to the government. It also lays down accountability for the quality of work.
– Hariom Sharma, Head of Department, Lonivi


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