Even on the famous Khadi Holi of Kumaon, the corona has overshadowed, Holiars sang songs wearing masks

Khadi Holi

The awe of the coronavirus struck the famous Khadi Holi recital of Kali Kumaon in Uttarakhand. The effect of this is that in the standing Holi singing held in different places of the district, several Holiars were seen singing Holi by putting on masks. Not only this, during this time, Holiars also preferred to play Holi with dry colors with sanitizer along with applying mask.

Khadi Holi singing of Champawat district, which was the capital of Kali Kumaon, is very much liked in the country and abroad. The singing of Holi standing together on behalf of men and women is quite famous.

But this time due to Coronavirus spread all over the world, Holi of Kali Kumaon was also affected. Due to the drop in temperature due to continuous rains where people preferred to play Holi with dry colors with sanitizer to deal with coronavirus.

BSNL’s caller tone also increased problems
Caller tune has also increased people’s problems before making every mobile call on behalf of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) regarding Coronavirus. Information about coronaviruses is being given when calling in any network. Due to which people have become more fearful.

Along with making people aware of the coronavirus in the district, intense scrutiny of people coming from Nepal border is being done. So far no patient suffering from coronavirus has been found in the district.
– Dr. RP Khanduri, CMO Champawat.


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