Even in April, there are snow covered these valleys of Dev Bhoomi, after many years it is witnessed


The weather was clear after three days in Uttarakhand border district Pithoragarh. After several years, snow is witnessed in the month of April on the top of Chhipla Kedar. In the Pithoragarh district, rain and hailstorm took place from last Saturday till Monday.

Due to changing the weather suddenly life was affected. Once again the cold came back. On Tuesday, the people breathed a sigh of relief when the sky remained clear.

Warm clothes even in the month of April
This time, in April too, there was a high snowfall in the upper Himalayan region as well as lakes. Snow accumulates on the top of the Chhipla Kedar every year during the winter season but melts a few days after the snowfall. This time from the month of January, there is snow on top of the Chhipla Kedar. The reason for this is believed to be more frequent snowfall.

According to the elderly, this year’s snowfall occurred in 2004 and 1984. After many years it has been seen that in the month of April, they are still wearing warm clothes. Read more posts…


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