Emergency landing of a flying passenger aircraft at Pantnagar airport

Emergency landing

An emergency landing was done when the door of the Air Heritage flight flying to Pithoragarh with passengers from Pant Nagar Airport opened. In the meantime, the passengers who were in panic breathed a breath of relief after the plane landed. Although the manager of the company, refusing to consider opening the door a problem, spoke of emergency landing from technical difficulties. Later, flights of Pithoragarh were also canceled.

On Saturday morning at 11:33, the 9 seaters aircraft of Air Heritage from Pantnagar Airport, HI 406, flew to Pithoragarh. There were eight passenger riders, including three women in the plane. Within a few minutes of the flight, the passengers got agitated by the sudden sharp noise.

According to Pankaj Chand from Pithoragarh, who was traveling with his wife and child in the plane, a sudden burst of loud bang and some part of the door was shattered and one part was hanging out. This caused panic among passengers who aboarded the plane. Suddenly the sharp air came inside the airplane.

All the passengers almost lost their heartbeat by fear. After this, the emergency landing of the aircraft was done at the Pant Nagar airport at 11:42 am and the flight of Pithoragarh was also cancelled. After this, the passengers left to their destination with different resources.

The incident have shook the airport officials along with the Air Heritage. For a long time the authorities examined the plane standing in the airport. Here, Air Heritage Manager Mohit Negi said that the door of the flight was not open but there was technical difficulties. For this reason the flight had to be landed. Engineers have been called from Dehradun to repair the technical defects in the flight. Airport director SK Singh also told the technical problem, refusing to consider the open door a problem.


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