Elephant attacked bus, women trapped inside for 45 minutes, then saved lives as such

elephant attacked

When the elephant attacked the bus on Saturday morning, four kilometers from Chimtakhal in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, the men left, but five women riders could not get out of the Kemu bus.

The elephant remained on the spot for about 45 minutes and also tried to overturn the bus. Later, other passengers burnt a fire and drove the elephant towards the forest. Then the women were able to get out safely.

Bus driver Puran Singh and operator Parkash Singh Rawat said that the elephant attacked the bus at 6.20 minutes. There were 18 passengers on the bus, including five women. Except for the elephant attack, other male riders except the teacher somehow escaped, but five women were trapped in the bus. This kept the women inside the bus waiting for the elephant to leave.

During this time, the elephant also tried to overturn the bus. Passengers reported to the police and emergency 108. What if the help does not arrive on time, the other riders collected sticks from the vicinity and lit a fire to drive the elephant away. When some passengers reached the elephant with firewood, the elephant went towards the forest.

Teacher trapped inside
Then the female riders came back safe. Later, the stunned teacher inside the bus was brought to Ramnagar on a private train. Doctors declared him dead at the hospital. People in the area mourned the death of teacher Girish Chandra Pandey in an elephant attack. Corbett National Park Director Rahul and Deputy Director Chandrashekhar Joshi were rushed to Ramnagar Hospital after the incident by teachers and relatives of the deceased.

During this, there was also noisiness among officers and teachers. The teachers raised the demand that people passing through the route in the future be given protection. During this time, park warden Shivraj Chandra, SDM Hargiri, CO Pankaj Gairola, Kotwal Ravi Kumar Saini, etc. were there.

Patrolling of forest workers will be increased
Corbett Park Director Rahul said that patrolling is being done in the areas to find the invading elephant. Apart from this, the help of drones will be taken to capture every activity of his. Efforts will be made to track the attacking elephant and leave it at another location. The victim family will be given a compensation of three lakh rupees.

Teachers were going to school after two days’ vacation
After a two-day break, teacher Pandey left for the GIC in Salt on Saturday, but least did anyone know that he would not return alive. As soon as the incident was reported, there was a furore in the family and there was an influx of relatives at the house to console them.

Puran Pandey, the younger brother of the teacher told that after two days of leave, he was going to GIC Salt on Saturday. After the incident, wife Bina Pandey is in bad health. Teacher Pandey’s elder son Ramanuja is studying polytechnic, while younger son Lalit is a student of class 11.

Solution will be done if an elevated bridge is built
There is a need to learn lessons from the frequent accidents and the government should construct an elevated bridge on the highway, so that wildlife can easily move around under the bridge. Bhagat Singh Rawat of Garh Kumaon Samaj Sevak and social worker Harish Chandra have written a letter to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister demanding the construction of an elevated bridge from Ramnagar to Mohan. Due to the construction of an elevated bridge, drains coming on the rise in the rain will not be able to stop the path of vehicles.


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