Electricity theft from Indian woman hockey player’s house, a case filed against father and uncle

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A case has been registered against the Indian woman hockey player Vandana Kataria’s father, Nahar Singh for allegations of electric theft in the house. Also, in the house of her uncle, electricity theft has been caught based on which a case has been registered against him also.

On Thursday, the Vigilance team of Energy Corporation arrived in Raigarh in Haridwar district. When the Vigilance team raided the house of international hockey player Vandana Kataria, there was the talk of electricity theft.

Seize the stolen cable
The team seized the electricity theft cable and filed a case against Vandana Kataria’s father. After this Vigilance team raided Vandana Kataria’s three uncles’ houses.

Here, electricity theft was caught and seized the stolen cable. On which the case has been registered against these three. Subdivision officer Bahadarabad Anuj Juddial said that for a long time the complaints of electricity theft was received. After which the raids were taken.

Bills of these much of rupees are outstanding
The official said that Nahar Singh’s brother Chandrasekhar Kataria has a balance of Rs 52 thousand on the electricity bill. On Vandana’s uncle, Pankaj Kataria, 14 thousand rupees and Lakhan Kataria, 15 thousand rupees is owed. However, Nahar Singh, father of Vandana Kataria, says that he did not know about electricity theft.

Star player and former captain of the Indian women’s hockey team Vandana Kataria was successful in making the most goals in the country in 2013. She has also been a bronze medal winner in the Junior Women’s World Cup.


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