Elections 2019: When Nehru was shocked to see the other party workers


Election meetings for political parties are now limited to power performance. But there was a time when people would come to listen to the views of the big political figures who had reached for the campaign.

In such an election gathering, more than the Congress, witnessing the people wearing the red cap of the Socialist Party Pt. Nehru was also surprised. In the Legislative Assembly elections in 1952, former minister Govind Singh Mahra from the Socialist Party in Ranikhet East Zone and Hargovind Pant from Congress, from the Ranikhet South, freedom fighters Madan Mohan Upadhyay and the Congress from Haridutt Kandpal were in the ground.

Cutting canisters, the ballot box is made
Pandit Nehru arrived from Delhi with a car to Ranikhet, then he went to Bhikiasain. His election meeting was held there, but the people wearing the red cap of socialist party were more than that of those wearing the white cap of the Congress. In that election, Mehra lost by 80 votes and Madan Mohan Upadhyay won elections with the difference of five votes.

In this era of technology, computerized machines like EVMs to VVPATs are being used for elections, but during 1952, elections were simplified. In each booth, the ballot boxes were made by cutting the canister, the election symbol of the parties was posted outside the box. When there was a lack of election material, people used colourful hats of their own parties. Read more posts…


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