Elections 2019: Today is the last day to enrol your name in the voter list, regrets will follow if you do not pay attention

If the name is not mentioned in the voter’s list, then Saturday is the only day you have. The last date for submitting the form is on Saturday. The names of voters will be added to the list after seven days of inquiry. Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, till now 45 thousand new voters have added their names in the voter’s list.

After the implementation of Model Code of Conduct, the last date was announced on 16th March to include names in the electoral roll. For this, in the election office, you have to fill up the form 6 under the Electoral Registration Rule 1960.

Apart from this, your name can also be included by visiting the website of the NVSP (National Voter Service Portal). Form 6 is deposited through both the ways.

NVSP portal stopped on Friday
The website also crashed after the last date for adding names in the voter’s list came close. On Friday, the NVSP portal is accessible to selected people only. In this way, some people succeeded in getting the names involved, some were disappointed.

Actually, due to excessive load, the NVSP portal stopped running on the computer in the morning. After this, the portal could be accessed on mobile by noon. However, in the evening also the NVSP portal stopped running on mobile. Because of this, people had to face heavy troubles in getting the services of this portal.

By the evening the conditions were such that the website did not open on any device. In this connection, people also made a complaint by calling in the election office. Read more posts…

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