Election battle 2019: This time the challenge in front of Bhagwa Brigade is of dealing with its own weapon


After the conquest of the Lok Sabha elections, the social media platform has also been painted in electoral color. In the 2014 elections, the BJP has taken the stage of the social media to control the power of the Center, on the same platform today, the party seems to be facing the battle-rate of the Social Security Force (IT Cell) of the Opposition. Although despite the activism of the opposition, PM Narendra Modi’s social media goes upstream, the graph is giving some relief to the Bhagwa Brigade.

Indeed, in 2014, the BJP, which has been pushing hard to control the power of the Center, fought half of its fight through social media only in the electoral battle. At the same time, knowing the power of the social media, many political parties including the Congress have come on the digital platform. Veteran politicians who have been away from social media in the last few days have also signed up here.

Subscriber on YouTube
BJP – 1.1 million
Congress – 394 thousand

names Facebook page – Twitter (follow)
PM Narendra Modi 43 million – 46.4 million
Rahul Gandhi 2.4 million – 8.9 million
Amit Shah 14 million – 12.9 million
Akhilesh Yadav 6.8 million – 9.2 million
Priyanka Gandhi 468 thousand – 275 thousand
Mayawati – 153 thousand

Live YouTube and Facebook and Rahul’s rallies
In the summit of Lok Sabha elections, the Congress seems to be avoiding any kind of mistake. Election rallies are being broadcast live on the Facebook page of Congress president Rahul Gandhi along with party official Facebook page and YouTube channel. It starts to run just a few minutes before the rally starts.

Uttarakhand MP candidate active on social media
BJP, Congress leaders claiming five constituencies in the state, are also seen actively on social media. On the other hand, young leaders have not left any type of measures for their presence here.

‘I am also a watchman …’
The ‘I am also a watchman’ campaign being run by the BJP has come a lot on Facebook and Twitter. Along with PM Modi and BJP President Amit Sah, many BJP leaders have added the word ‘chaukidar’ with their name on their social media account. ‘I am also a watchman’ is being tagged quite a lot. Read more posts…


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