Election Battle 2019: Congress was amazing till the ‘80s, after ‘90, the BJP launched the campaign

In the Lok Sabha elections held in Uttarakhand since undivided Uttar Pradesh, the Congress has performed exceptionally well from the ‘50s to the ‘80s, the electoral politics changed after the ’90s. The BJP, which has struggled for the second and third position in the election, started scrambling. Today, BJP is the largest and strongest party in the electoral system of the state. Despite his tremendous victory, if the Congress is able to face it, then there is only one reason behind it that its roots in Uttarakhand are very deep. This is proven from the history of parliamentary elections.

Of course, today the Congress is very weak, but there was a period of parliamentary elections where even the political pundit believed that the Congress will rarely sink. 16 Lok Sabha elections were held during the year 1951 through the year 2014. In these elections, the Congress won seats at 59.15 per cent. During this period, elections were held for 71 seats out of which Congress won 42 seats. For that, ‘50s to ‘80s can be considered as a golden era.

Actually, this was the period, in which he won the most 35 seats. In the first two decades of the Lok Sabha election, no political party could stand in front of him. It took a decade for the BJP to feed the lotus on this mountainous terrain. In the 1991 Lok Sabha election, he started the winning streak and then did not look back. During this time, he won 21 out of 71 seats and won all these seats in the last Lok Sabha Elections held in the ’90s. BJP won by winning five seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

In view of facts
Congress golden
– 16 general elections from 1951 to 2014
– 71 seats, the Congress won with a record of 42 seats
– In the nine years of Lok Sabha elections till 1989, won 35 seats
– 06 times sweep of all the seats

The transition time of Congress
– the transitional period started from the 1991 Lok Sabha election
– 9 seats won in ‘90 elections
– 04 elections were such that not a single seat was found
– 03 elections after the ‘90s, zero seat holders showed the power of ‘Kamal’
– BJP starts resuming from the 1991 election
– Congress swept off by winning 5 seats
-21 seats won so far in Lok Sabha elections
– After the ’90s, lotus continued blooming
– Winning five seats in 2014, won a massive majority

Also know this
1951 Seats -05 Congress-4 Independents-01
1957 Seats -05 Congress -05
1962 Seats -05 Congress -05
1967 Seats -05 Congress -05
1971 Seats -05 Congress -05
1977 Seats -04 BLD-04
1980 Seats -04 Congress I-04
1984 Seats -04 Congress -04
1989 Seats -04 Congress-03 Janata Dal-01
1991 Seats -04 Congress-0 BJP-04
1996 Seats -04 Tiwari Congress-02 BJP-02
1998 Seats -04 Congress -0 BJP -04
1 999 seats -04 -01 Congress, BJP -03
2004 Seats -05 Congress -01 BJP-03 SP-01
2009 seats -05 Congress-05 BJP -0
2014 seats -05 Congress -0 BJP-05

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