Election 2019: The royal family’s magic rises in this Lok Sabha seat of Uttarakhand

Electoral history of this Lok Sabha seat of Uttarakhand shows that the royal family’s magic has been rising on the head of voters. This magic came when the change in the country’s politics became a reality. This magic descends but then ascends. Tehri voters on many occasions expressed faith at Manvendra Shah of the Royal family. By the ‘70s, the seat was completely dominated by the Congress.

But after the Janata Party’s victory in 1977, Congress had to wait 12 years for the next victory. This seat is not considered as synonymous with the royal family. Indeed, the first parliamentary candidate to be elected to this seat is the Empress of the Royal family, Kamalendumati Shah or the MP by the ticket of Congress and BJP, Maharaja Manvendra Shah. Tehri voters trust more on the royal family. Today, Rajlakshmi Shah is the MP of the Raj Bhavan on this seat.

Land area is very important in terms of number of voters
Geographical form: In the ‘50s, Tehri Lok Sabha seats were included in the constituency of Bijnor, but later it changed in its format. Today, the bigger terrain of Tehri seat is a mountain, but the land area is very important in terms of the number of voters. The BJP and the Congress have been the only rivals in most of the elections held in the mixed geography of the ground and mountain. This seat was not untouched by the influence of the JP movement, Ram Mandir and other national incidents. On such occasions, the voter walked with the wave.

These areas are Tehri, Purola, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Ghansali, Pratap Nagar, Dhanaulti, Chakrata, Vikasnagar, Sahaspur, Raipur, Rajpur Road, Dehradun Cantt, Mussoorie. This seat extends to three districts Uttarkashi, Tehri and Dehradun.

Ethnic equation (in per cent)
Thakur 45
Brahmin 30
AC and ST 17
minority and others 08

These are MPs
Old MP team
1951 Queen Kamlendumti Shah Congress
1957 Manvendra Shah Congress
1962 Manvendra Shah Congress
1967 Manvendra Shah Congress
1971 Paripurnanand Panuli Congress
1977 Trepan Singh Negi Bieldi (BJP)
1980 Trepan Singh Negi Congress
1984 Brahmadutt Congress
1989 Brahmadutt Congress
1991 Manvendra Shah BJP
1996 Manvendra Shah BJP
1998 Manvendra Shah BJP
1999 Manvendra Shah BJP
2004 Manvendra Shah BJP
2009 Vijay Bahuguna Congress
2012 Sub-party Mala Rajyalakshmi BJP
2014 Mala Rajyalakshmi Shah BJP

Current situation
currently, the BJP’s MP is Mala Rajyalakshmi Shah. In 2014, he defeated Congress’s Saket Bahuguna. BJP got 57.55 per cent votes in this constituency. Whereas Congress managed to get 32.75 votes.

Total Voters : 1465475
Male : 773527
Female : 691899
Service Voter : 12057

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